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Behaviour management

 School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)
At Pine Rivers Special School, School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is implemented across the whole school. This non-aversive methodology acknowledges that a multi strategy approach is required to achieve positive outcomes for all students. Positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviours is considered the most successful response to behaviours displayed at Pine Rivers Special School. Students will develop responsible behaviours through the teaching of new skills while responding effectively to make challenging behaviours redundant.
SWPBS is a systems-perspective and provides a continuum of behaviour support. There is a strong focus on proactive strategies, including teaching and supporting the appropriate and expected positive behaviours to all students in the school.
School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support is a team-based process for systemic problem solving and planning. The ultimate goal of School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support is to increase the school’s capacity to effectively and efficiently address the behavioural support needs of all students and staff (Lewis, T.J. & Sugai, G. 1999 p. 4).
The School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support approach offers opportunities for schools, parents and communities to work smarter and systemically, rather than individually, to achieve these results (Lewis & Sugai, 1999 p. 16).
There are 6 necessary elements of SWPBS:
* The school has an SWPBS Statement of Purpose
* Expected behaviours are clearly defined across the whole school
* School wide expected behaviours are taught and practised
* The school has a continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviours
* The school has a continuum of procedures for discouraging problem behaviours
* Decision making is based on data records of all student behaviours.



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